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Introduction to the Teachings of the Bible

Have you ever wondered what the bible is all about and why so much controversy surrounds this book? Well, we would like to help you see why and show you what it actually says in summary. It is a book which has been handed down since the times of Moses and provides a wealth of information that explains why the earth exists and provides the greatest hope in life and in death, which is Jesus Christ. Your troubled life will be explained and the way to have permanent change will be displayed. However, most importantly, it tells you of the path to everlasting life, a way to have peace even in death.

Join us on an adventure because as you get to know the bible your life will experience significant changes and at the same time will bring you closer to God Himself.

Group Addictions Counselling

Addiction can be seen in many ways and it causes nothing but destruction for you and all those who surround you. Many lives are taken by this terrible and painful way of life and whilst you are entangled in it there does not seem to be a way out of it.

Well the opposite is true, there is a way out of it, and it will surprise you to learn that there is a power so much greater than ourselves, namely God, who desires complete recovery.

As we come together we will use a workbook which will help us discover how God works recovery in our lives, and we will use this book alongside the greatest book of all, the Holy Bible. The truth will set you free and you will be taken on a different path which will lead to peace, hope and everlasting life.

Working through addiction requires not only a book but also support from others who are taking the same journey as you and also those who have a great deal of love and compassion for you. Here, we are able to offer you this and we will do so in a safe and confidential environment.

Come and join us and if you are unable to do so because of the time then let us  know and we will accommodate another time when you will be able to join us. 

Boundaries – When to say yes and when to say No

What are boundaries? Why are they necessary? Every day again we are placed in situations which require us to make decisions and often our decisions can bring about unwanted results.

Did you know that our decisions are influenced by how we have been brought up as a child, by our personal experiences and even by our feelings and surroundings?

As a result we allow people to invade our personal space, our lives and we also often, without realising, invade the space and lives of others. This is what we call crossing the boundaries.

We often see many relationships break apart as a result of this and friendships which we thought would last forever are destroyed because of our personal selfishness and lack of consideration for others.

Well the Boundaries workshop which we want to offer you will help you come to see how we can cause great hurt, and how we let others cause us great hurt.

We will work through each one and demonstrate a way in which you can change the way you see yourself and others so that you can build on a positive way to heal broken relationships.

Christianity Explored – Who is Jesus and why is He so important for our lives

 “Christianity Explored is an introduction to Jesus that is grounded entirely in Mark’s Gospel.

Over seven sessions, people discover the identity, mission and call of Jesus: who he is, what he achieved, and how he calls us to respond.

What makes Christianity “good news”? It’s the realization that although we’ve rebelled against God and deserve to face his judgment, we are loved by him. Loved with an extraordinary, costly and self-sacrificing love, a love which was poured out for us on a little hill just outside Jerusalem. A love that enables us to be reconciled to God, and enjoy him forever.

Since its first publication in 2001, Christianity Explored has reached hundreds of thousands of people across the world, and has been translated into more than 30 languages.

Along with the authors of this Course, our hope is that, by God’s grace, it will be of help to you too.”